Welcome to Kinetics Games, a new era of Gaming!

From the Nintendo Wii to the PS3 Eyes and now the kinect, the future gaming controller is here and it is YOU!


Virtual Gaming, your body is the game controller

Kinetics Game full body motion

Please stay tuned, we have exciting games in active Development! Whether you own the Playstation Move system or the Playstation EyeToy, newer PS3 Eye or plan on purchasing the brand new Microsoft Kinect, you will enjoy a superior virtual immersion game-play which was never before possible!

multiplayer playstation kinetics games

MultiPlayer kinetics action games

KINETICS GAMES are not just GAMES! They are wonderful exercise machines, its never been more fun to go to the gym without leaving your home! Are YOU ready for the funnest exercises you’ve ever done? Have plenty of water handy, exercising with Kinetics enabled games can be very addicting!

Kinetics Games exercising

Exercising with Kinetics enabled games

Have a good Kinect or PS3 Eye game idea? Airport full body scan simulation? Master Yoga Kinect? Pilates Kinect game?

PS3 Eye, EyePet Do you have a great game idea you’d like to see developed for the Microsoft Kinect or PlayStation Move? Want to become a Yoga Master with the help of the Kinect? Learn Karate on the Kinect? What game would you like to see?

Keep in mind in the near future, PlayStation Move and Kinect systems will likely allow for VR HUD (Head-up Displays) 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) wireless helmets with LCD shutters for each eye, allowing you to fully IMMERSE yourself inside 3D realistic environments! Such virtual reality experiences will make you think Bruce Willis’ Surrogate movie scenario is not far off!

With the arrival of the KINECT from Microsoft and similar technologies from Sony PlayStation, a new Virtual Reality gaming era has begun! So what simulators or games would you like to see developed?

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